segunda-feira, 13 de agosto de 2007

And it continues

Here it is, our big big house...

And finaly getting into the woods

Surounded by powerful nature

Looking at the beautiful river... or was it to the soul?

And here we are, waiting once again... Time to chill. Beautiful Thalia taking here recovered photos ;)

And big, strong Aileen

Andre sleeping... feeling safe and confortable

Sorry to say, but this was a big jump... We're nearly getting ready to leave... Before that, time to go up to the power point

This week went by so fast... and so mucha happened... and here we are , already saying goodbye... Peter.

Friendly Lile

One last tost... To next time... I miss you all

It's not over yet... More to came...

sábado, 11 de agosto de 2007

Welcome to Findhorn

Dear all, it took quite a while, but here it goes... Some photos, as promissed. More to come... Keep tuned... All my love and blessings,


A room with a view to those wonderful trees and little rabbits that came into de garden every morning and evening.

The first walk around Cluny...

...took us to the lake

After lunch we went into Findhorn and to the beach

Doesn'te Richard look like he's just at home???

And here we are at the park with the Stop Worrying sign... Have stoped yet???

Heather, that's just the way you (used to) get your clients going...

And of course this is the beautiful nature sanctuary

Next day, getting ready for a walk in the woods

Meanwhile, everybody talked... and felt really photogenic. Her's Richard...

And Claudia... and Thalia in the back talking...

And shiny Heather... With Lile was talking... with Thalia...

Don't they just look happy? Oh boy, those anoying Findhorn smiles...

And Ursula, all set up to take off.

Hanna's here... So who's missing? Not me, this time... I'm here taking photos of everyone. I hate to say it, but it seem's like Ian forgot to look at his watch...